Sleep Doesn't Have to Be Elusive

Originallly Posted on November 3, 2013 

"I wish I could get a good night's rest."  "If only I had more hours in a day."  "Why am I so tired?"
Do any of those questions sound familiar?  If so, you may want to look at the quality of your sleep, or lack thereof, and consider simple ways to improve it.  We all function better when rested, so here are some things to consider:
Time.  Nothing replaces the amount of sleep you get each night.  A regular minimum of 8 hours is best.  Try to be in bed early enough to make that happen.  If it's hard to make a sudden change, try going to bed 10-15 minutes earlier than normal and then 10-15 minutes earlier than that until you get your body adjusted to an earlier bedtime.  Try some bedtime teas or some magnesium to help you wind down.
Comfort.  In addition to a comfortable bed, clean sheets are inviting to climb under and a wonderful place to lay your head.  Also, the right pillow makes a world of difference.  Find one that's supportive to your head and neck, especially in the position you tend to sleep.
Light.  Do you have a night light on or any other light sources that might wake you?  Perhaps your bedside clock has a bright light or if your cell phone is nearby, do you get notified each time an email comes in?  Those little things - good or bad - can really add up.
Sound.  If you're a light sleeper, try some white noise of a fan, small air purifier or light music that's soothing to help you doze off and choose an alarm sound that wakes you gently versus abruptly.
More tips to come.  Try those for now.  I wish you sweet dreams!