Keto Healthy Holistic Lifestyle




Would you like to learn a new Healthy Keto Holistic Lifestyle?  

These classes help you learn the healthy way, and yes there are unhealthy versions, so learn the Looking Glass Natural Health's blueprint for success and vastly improved health especially if your interested in:

Helping your body get in a fat burning zone while also boosting your brain health and helping you achieve boundless energy and releasing weight and inches especially stubborn belly fat and get rid of wrinkles too! 

Other benefits include:

Support of Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Support of Immune System

Healthy Heart & Cholesterol Levels

Supports a Healthy Brain and Normal Cognitive Function

Initiate Cellular Repair

Hormone Balancing

Decrease Cortisol & Naturally Increase DHEA Levels


Release Stubborn Belly Fat


Learn a healthy lifestyle (not diet) that's easy, non depriving and totally enjoyable with food you love.  All details, guidelines and ways to overcome any challenges that may occur will be covered.  Handouts and books free with classes and you will have full support in accomplishing your goals.

Healthy Ketogenic Lifestyle classes are great for current, former and new clients alike!


Group and/ or individual sessions available.


Upcoming Dates:  Transform by spring time together!

Evening KETO Group meets the following Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 PM
1. Jan. 22nd
2. Feb. 5th 
3. Feb. 19th 
4. March 5th
5. March 19th
6. April 2nd


Afternoon KETO group meets the following Thursdays 1:00-2:30 PM 
1. Jan 24th 
2. Feb 7th 
3. Feb 21st
4. March 7th  
5. March 21st
6. April 4th 


Call, text or email for more information




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