Release Weight, Inches & Wrinkles Naturally in JUST 21 days
(While Vastly Improving Your Health!)

A 21 day plan to release 15 pounds, achieve more youthful looking skin
centered on ancient nutritional methods of Bone Broth + specific delicious foods

THE BENEFITS: belly-2473
* Increased Energy
* Boost immune System
* Heal Your Gut, Aid Digestion
* Healthy Joints and Lean Muscle Mass
*Healthy and Vibrant Skin, Hair and Nails
* Detoxifying Your Body - allowing your cells to go from sluggish to supercharged!
   (And no you will not live in the bathroom.)
* Anti-Inflammatory! Helping everything from Diabetes to Autoimmune Disease to Obesity
* Metabolism and Hormone Balancing All From Food  (Which is always meant to be our medicine.)
* Supplies, complete easily absorbed Protein, Collagen, Gelatin, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Key Minerals often missing in our diet and Amino Acids, Electrolytes all coming from real food.

* NOTE: Program for anyone with food intolerances!

*Support during entire six weeks
*In depth handouts
*Laminated pocket size guide with at a glance tips, check list, portions sizes & shopping details
(Even guides for those without time to cook, whether throughout or in a pinch and SO much more!)
*A private, complimentary and confidential health consultation to go over your health history and your goals for your health and lifestyle.

Group program rate is 1/2 of the Individual Program!

6 week program is available for both individuals or small groups
Meets 90 min each session
(If you miss a session in the group setting you will be guided on what was missed)

Session 1. Introduction and facts as well as gather supplies
Session 2. Preparation
Session 3. Start of 21 days of actual program with support throughout
Session 4.  Continuation of 21 days of program with support throughout
Session 5.  Continuation of 21 days of program with support throughout
Session 6. Follow up and maintenance

Please NOTE:  Individual sessions by appointment


Dates on the Calendar for Groups (click here):calendar
To set up individual Program Dates, please call or email
540-222-5228  |

Have a group that needs a different time?  Call and see what's available.

Save a spot early - space is limited!


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